Our team using cutting edge DevOps principles ensure Agile principles are upheld through the software development lifecycle. DevOps follows the key tenets of the agile software development movement and represents a fundamental shift in how large, distributed enterprise organizations develop and release software. It affects the people, processes and technology of your organization and requires adopting and implementing leading-edge paradigms – such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT) and Continuous Delivery (CD) – in addition to proven best practices in the areas of build automation, configuration management, release management and deployment.

Our DevOps services ensure product transparency between development and operations throughout the software development life-cycle from development to deployment. We believe strongly in TDD, CI, CT and CD ensure software is only delivered once it has being vigorously vetted via tools such as Jenkins.

Adopting DevOps within our organization will yield the following benefits:

  • Time-to-value is much shorter because IT cycle time is greatly reduced
  • Software features are released more quickly and more often
  • Releases are stable and predictable, making them more cost-efficient and less stressful on your team
  • Your customers’ needs are met sooner and with higher quality
  • Wasteful one-off deliveries for specific customers are reduced or eliminated
  • Collaboration and trust are built between your development and IT operations teams