Agile Governance & Guidance

At Adaptivestack Technologies Inc., we have over a decade of experience in Agile project execution using a variety of Agile Methodology principles. We are proficient in migrating and teaching teams to properly utilize these techniques to maximize project gains. Our team offers the following Agile capabilities: 

  • Agile Transformation – We help you work to establish best practices for Agile methods and cultural change throughout your organization.
  • Agile Training – We provide corporate and project training for Agile. We teach teams to adhere to Agile methods when performing specific job functions from software development to quality assurance.
  • Agile Software Optimization - Any Agile processes is only efficient if the systems and software utilized are properly used. We are fluent in Agile tracking tools such as, but not limited to the Atlassian tool suite, IBM Rational Jazz and VersionOne.  We can help your project break down requirements and map them to Product Backlog items to ensure true traceability.
  • Agile Team Augmentation - Our contract Agile professionals can enhance your teams while overseeing and driving projects using Agile principles.

Agile Adoption

The ability to deliver business value earlier and more often, increase productivity, and improve employee morale is compelling many organizations to embrace Agile approaches to software development. There is a wide array of training courses, consultants, and books available to help teams learn the basics of agile development, but these often focus on the team-level challenges, and overlook some of the larger organizational issues that may either help or hinder the transition to this new way of thinking and working. Below is are questions that many organizations should ask themselves in preparation to embrace of Agile. Adaptivestack Technologies will guide you through adopting Agile as company process.
  • Do you have Management’s support?
  • Is Proper Training Provided to the Organization?
  • Did you train your Product Owners?
  • Do you have enough space?
  • Are all your support teams on board?
  • How quickly to scale?
  • Is an appropriate attrition strategy in place?
  • Can your engineers appreciate the purpose behind a user story?
  • Are module assigned to different teams?
Code & Tools:
  • How tightly coupled is your system?
  • Do you have good Unit/Automation test coverage?
  • Do you have good collaboration tools?
  • Do you have a source code repository replication system?
  • Is your build and deployment system fully automated?
  • Do you have adequate Dev and Test environments?
  • Do you have enough monitoring/health-check systems in place?