Adaptivestack Technologies Awarded Sustainment of Memorial Affairs Legacy Tier 3 Support Subcontract

Adaptivestack Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a subcontract to support prime contractor HMS Technologies, Inc. on the Sustainment of Memorial Affairs Legacy Tier 3 Support contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Adaptivestack Technologies will provide software sustainment for the Burial Operations Support System (BOSS)/Automated Monument Application System (AMAS) Enterprise applications. BOSS Enterprise includes a number of sub-component systems/modules that support a primary NCA business function.

The BOSS sub-component systems/modules include:

  • Burial Operations Support System (BOSS)
  • Automated Monument Application System (AMAS)
  • Nationwide Gravesite Locator (NGL) and Kiosk NGL (KNGL)
  • Eligibility Office Automated System (EOAS)
  • Gravesite Assessment Reporting (GAR)
  • Resolution Letters (Resolution Letters are anticipated to be replaced by the Memorial Enterprise Letters) in the near future.
  • Postcards
  • Reporting (Ad hoc and Scheduled)
  • Management and Decision Support System (MADSS)
  • Memorial Enterprise Letters (MEL)
  • Pre-Need
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates (PMC)
  • Cemetery Management (CM1)
  • Enterprise Fax Service Re-Platforming
  • Tessada Scanning
  • BISCOM Faxing

Specifically, Adaptivestack Technologies will provide project management, project management support, software application and systems sustainment services, testing, system security, technical documentation, software upgrades and patches and systems architecture for the BOSS/AMAS Enterprise of applications. Sustainment service activities shall include requirements analysis, coding, testing, release support, configuration management, and security management. These activities shall include development and implementation of strategies to maintain any new compliance requirements and maintain current compliance standards, and the detailed documentation of BOSS Enterprise.