Adaptivestack Technologies Awarded Rural Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) and Direct Messaging Community Coordinators subcontract

Adaptivestack Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a subcontract to support prime contractor HMS Technologies, Inc. on the Rural Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) and Direct Messaging Community Coordinators contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Adaptivestack Technologies will provide an on-site Rural Health Community Coordinator (RHCC) to some of the 56 Rural Health VAMCs identified in the VAMCs designated “Rural Health” List. The RHCCs shall provide support services for successful deployment and implementation of VLER Exchange, Direct, Blue Button Download, and support programs to include community outreach, project coordination, analysis of shared data, analysis of project status, and reporting of Exchange, Direct, and Blue Button Download issues to the VA Program Manager (PM) at the 56 Rural Health VAMCs designated by the VHA Office of Rural Health. The RHCC will provide both on-site and remote training for Veterans and VAMC clinicians on the benefits of Exchange Veteran Enrollment, Direct, Blue Button Download, and all health data exchange applications including Veterans Health Information Systems & Technology Architecture (VistA) Web and Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV).

Each RHCC will participate in Exchange enrollment, and education and training of Exchange, Direct, and Blue Button Download to the clinicians and Veterans. The RHCCs will serve as the main point of contact (POC) when interfacing with stakeholders supporting VA and private sector providers interested in implementing Veteran health data exchange in the specified VHIE Health community. A partner is defined as a healthcare system or health information exchange organization. Partners are selected by the VHIE Health Management Team based on criteria including maturity and success of local health information exchanges (HIEs), as well their ability to support Veteran healthcare. The RHCCs shall coordinate and assist VAMC staff in coordination with My HealtheVet outreach staff in support of Veteran Health Data Exchange. This support includes educating Veterans about VLER Health Information Exchange, collecting and processing Veteran Consents, promoting the clinical adoption and usage of VLER Health, assisting with identifying potential care in the community partners, and assisting with the testing and onboarding of care in the community partners. Exchange and Direct will be implemented independently of each other, although there may be instances where each is implemented in the same community simultaneously.