Adaptivestack Technologies Awarded the Light Electronic Action Framework (LEAF) Subcontract

Adaptivestack Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a subcontract to support prime contractor Sierra7 on the Light Electronic Action Framework (LEAF) contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Adaptivestack Technologies will provide software development, enhancement, database refactoring, remediation, user interface design, user experience, communications, outreach, coaching, and deployment support services for ITOPS’ LEAF Platform.  For this contract, we will leverage the Digital Services Playbook to develop code and modernize the infrastructure as it completes its transition to he Cloud.

LEAF is a highly adaptable VA-owned and developed process improvement software that solely leverages open source technologies and enables VA employees to rapidly digitize existing business processes within the VA firewall. Today, LEAF is a mature, operational product that has an active monthly user base of over 5,000 internal VA employees and manages over 30,000 VA business transactions annually. The platform helps VA medical centers, program offices, and project teams process simple requests and more complex needsbut is flexible enough to be applied to any set of business processes.


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