Adaptivestack Technologies Awarded Center for Enterprise Human Resources Information Services (CEHRIS) Support Services Subcontract

Adaptivestack Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a subcontract to support prime contractor AdaptiveVets Solutions on the Center for Enterprise Human Resources Information Services (CEHRIS) Support Services contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Adaptivestack Technologies has played a pivotal role is supporting CEHRIS’ mission to standardize Human Resource (HR) Information Technology (IT) across the VA enterprise. Our expertise encompasses seamless customer support and coordination, staffed by knowledgeable personnel proficient in HR Business Processes and HR Information Technology Systems. This had led to the successful centralization and efficiency of HR data, systems, and tools within CEHRIS. Moreover, we have excelled in researching, triaging, diagnosing, and resolving systems incidents and challenges, all while emphasizing human resource-centered design processes and rigorous business analysis. AdaptiveStack’s commitment to excellence extends to our continuous review of industry standards, best practices, IT system implementations, and Federal HR Policy. We utilize this knowledge to enhance CEHRIS’ operational processes, maintaining an up-to-date Online Knowledge Base Toolkit. Furthermore, our proficiency is evident in the development of the CEHRIS System Access User Guide and User Access Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), ensuring that these critical resources are delivered promptly and precisely in accordance with contract requirements. Finally, our diligent monitoring of CEHRIS Portfolio Systems’ performance and the provision of a comprehensive weekly CEHRIS System Portfolio Service Desk Performance Report, complete with performance metrics and actionable recommendations, underscores our dedication to achieving CEHRIS’ goals.